Motorised Boot Cleaner

Quickly & Efficiently Wash Debris from Employee Boots

To keep your BootPro working efficiently you need to follow the Maintenance Guide

About the BootPro

The Bootpro is a motorised industrial strength boot cleaner. Ideal for areas where there is a build-up of dirt, mud, or any type of grit that needs to be removed from boots.

Excess mud on your work boots will dry up and turn to dust. This can lead to a dusty work environment, affecting the cleanliness of your offices and work site areas. The BootPro is the ultimate  solution to remove that stubborn mud and reduce the risk of dust inhalation. It has been engineered to tackle the harshest of conditions. Manufactured out of marine grade 316 stainless steel and using three heavy-duty brushes, allows for clean both sides and underneath the boot with ease.

The BootPro also comes with an ergonomic handle for stability when using. With an integrated start/stop station conveniently placed for ease of control during operation. Get yours today and experience a cleaner and healthier work environment.

Suggested Applications: Mine Sites Quarries, Industrial Workshops, Agricultural Industries, Construction Sites Smelter, Food Processing, High Wash Down Areas, And More

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