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Manufacturing Fit for Purpose Solutions for Industrial Applications

Who We Are

Prolec began it’s humble beginnings under the name ‘Prolec Electrical’ and was founded in 2007 as an electrical contractin company by Director Brad Morrow.

13 years and a lot of growth later, Prolec Electrical now operates as ‘Prolec Australia Group’, and has expanded beyond electrical contracting and into an industrial solutions based business.

These days Prolec faces new and exciting challenges in various industries including agriculture, mining, local government, logistics and various other business around Australia.

Prolec’s business model is focused on providing Fit-for-purpose solutions. Fit-for-purpose solutions provide customers with the knowledge that their product is fully customisable to their end needs. Whether that be dimensions, accessory placement, branding or standardisation of repeat orders. 

Our complete 360° solution based model keeps customers returning time and time again.

Since conception, Prolec has expanded into several markets due to customer demand. These include enclosures, isolators, green energy and signage whilst also supplying Australians with switchboard and enclosure hardware through our online store.

Prolec is 100% Australian-Family owned and operated business based out of Newcastle, Australia. As a family business, Prolec is a strong advocate for supporting local communities, charities and other family owned businesses via sourcing of raw materials from other Australian businesses, employing a local Newcastle-based workforce and with extensive charity contributions.

Prolec Australia bases all of it’s operations around 5 core values – Communication, Continual Improvement, Integrity, Productivity and Safety. This model of operations has provided Prolec with the opportunity to work with some of the largest brands in mining, agriculture and fabrication in Australia, across the Indo-Pacific region and beyond.

1. Communication

We pride ourselves on being completely transparent – in success and in failure.
Daring to be vulnerable builds the trust and candour required to operate a successful business.

2. Productivity

We instill pragmatism in all of our employees from Day 1.
This enables us to deliver a better final product – faster, safer and more efficient.

3. Safety

Safety is a byproduct of efficiency, integrity and transparency. 
It is integrated into every facet of our business through education, training and culture.

4. Integrity

Inside and outside the workplace we take initiative – with integrity, courage and empathy, 
to build long lasting relationships and a better business.

5. Continual Improvement

The hunger to do and be more fuels our relentless pursuit of innovation, creativity and excellence.
To be focused yet fast, to work smarter not harder, and to strive for improvement each day.

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