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Endress + Hauser are a leading supplier of products, solutions and services for industrial process measurement and automation. Offering comprehensive process solutions for flow, level, pressure, analysis, temperature, recording and digital communications across a wide range of industries, optimising processes with regards to economic efficiency, safety and environmental protection.

Liquid Analysis

pH / ORP

Glass and glass-free Memosens sensors, transmitters and assemblies for standard, hygienic and hazardous applications; fully automated cleaning, calibration and measuring systems.

Disinfection (chlorine)

Amperometric Memosens sensors for water treatment and swimming pools; flow assembly for simultaneous measurement of chlorine and pH/ORP.


Colorimetric analyzers as well as optical and ion-selective sensors for monitoring of nutrients, organic load and metals; Liquiline system analyzers and sample preparation systems available with Memosens technology.

Process Photometers

Process photometers for accurate concentration measurement by determining UV absorption, NIR absorption, color, turbidity and cell growth; suitable for hygienic applications and hazardous areas.


Portable and stationary samplers with Memosens technology for automatic sampling, defined distribution and safe preservation of liquid samples.


Liquiline transmitters featuring all common fieldbuses; suitable for all applications including hazardous areas and hygienic processes; multichannel and multiparameter devices for field or DIN rail installation.

Turbidity / Solids

Optical Memosens sensors and transmitters for all measuring ranges from lowest turbidity in drinking water to solids in wastewater applications; ultrasonic sludge level measurement for liquid analysis.


Conductive and toroidal Memosens sensors and transmitters for all measuring ranges in standard, hygienic and hazardous applications; compact measuring devices, calibration and verification systems for liquid analysis.


Amperometric and optical Memosens sensors, transmitters and assemblies for all applications, including hazardous areas, hygienic processes and trace measurement.


Universal measuring principle for all conductive liquids. Virtually independent of pressure, density, temperature and viscosity. Even liquids with solids can be measured, e.g. ore slurry or cellulose pulps. Sizes: DN 2 to 2400.

Differential Pressure

Universally applicable for liquids, gases and steam up to 420 bar and 1000 °C. Robust primary element as it is completely mechanical with no moving parts. The transmitter can be replaced during operation, e.g. for maintenance or modernization of the measuring point without interrupting the process. Sizes: DN 10 to 4000.


Universally applicable for the measurement of liquids, gases and steam. Extremely robust with regard to external vibrations, dirt, water hammer and temperature shocks. Largely independent of changes in pressure, temperature and viscosity. High long-term stability, no zero point drift. Efficient steam plant operation thanks to the only wet steam detection of its kind in the world. Sizes: DN 15 to 300.

Flow Management


Volume flow measurement of clean liquids, regardless of electrical conductivity with either clamp-on or inline sensor type. Ultrasonic measurement enables cost-effective and economical flow metering anywhere in the process. Independent of pressure, temperature and the physical fluid properties. Special devices for measuring wet or dirty gases at low pressures, e.g. biogas or land fill gas.


Universal measuring principle for liquids and gases. Multivariable sensors: simultaneous and direct measurement of mass flow, density, temperature and viscosity. Independent of the physical fluid properties. Sizes: DN 1 to 400 (max. 4100 t/h)


Direct mass flow measurement of gases with low process pressure up to 40 bar. Measuring principle with a high operable flow range (100:1) and an excellent low-end sensitivity. Negligible pressure loss. Sizes: DN 15 to 1500.

Level management


Level optimised pressure sensor cell for measurement in fluids, pastes and sludge. Indipendent of foam formation and changing product properties. Temperatures up to 400 °C; pressures up to 40 bar.

Differential Pressure

Level measurement in closed, pressurised vessels. Not affected by dielectric constant, foam, turbulence or obstacles. Temperatures up to 400 °C; pressures up to 420 bar.


Point level detection and continuous level measurement in fluids and bulk solids. Even with aggressive media and heavy build-up; condensate-proof. Temperatures up to 400 °C; pressures up to 100 bar.


Easy, cost-effective level limit detection in conductive fluids such as water, wastewater, liquid foodstuffs etc. Temperatures up to 100 °C; pressures up to 10 bar.

Paddle Switch

Low-cost point level switch for bulk solids of all kinds up to a grain of 50mm, solid weight > 100 g/l. Temperatures up to 80 °C; pressures up to 0.8 bar.

Electromechnical Level System

Robust, mechanical system for measurement in bulk solids for applications in high vessels (up to 70 m). Unaffected by heavy dust formation. Temperatures up to 230 °C; pressures up to 3 bar.


Continuous non-contact Time-of-Flight measurement in fluids and bulk solids, even under extreme conditions such as changes of medium, gas formation, vapor, vacuum. temperatures up to 450 °C; pressures up to 160 bar.


Continuous non-contact Time-of-Flight measurement in fluids and bulk solids. Independent of specific medium properties. Temperatures up to 150°C; pressures up to 4 bar.

Guided radar

Continuous non-contact Time-of-Flight measurement in fluids and bulk solids. Independent of product properties such as humidity, density, dielectric constant etc. Reliable and safe interface measurement even with emulsion layers. temperatures up to 450 °C; pressures up to 400 bar.


Non-contact external measurement. For all extreme applications (e.g. toxic or highly aaggressive media). Any temperature, any pressure.

Vibronics for fluids

Point level switch for all fluids even in the presence of build-up, turbulence or air bubbles. Independent of the electrical properties of the medium. Temperatures up to 280 °C; pressures up to 100 bar.

Vibronics for solids

Point level detection in all kinds of bulk solids up to a maximum grain size of approx. 10mm. Calibration-free, maintenance-free. Temperatures up to 280 °C; pressures up to 25 bar.


A compact pressure transducer with preset measuring range. The Cerabar product family offers robust ceramic sensors up to 40 bar or metal sensors up to 400 bar for absolute and over pressure measurements.

Analog & Digital Transmissions

Flexible device platform for universal application in your processes. This includes FDA-compliant materials an aseptic connections that are especially suitable for hygienic applications. The analog digital transmitters are available with the following electronics variants: analog, HART®, PROFIBUS® PA or FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus.

Pressure Analysis

Pressure Switch

For safe measurement and monitoring of absolute pressure and overpressure in gases, vapours and fluids. Smooth operation with display and on-site operation as well as a modular adapter system for easy connection to all processes.

Digital Transmissions

These high-end pressure transmitters offer you a comprehensive safety package and an intelligent operation and device concept. Reliable data management is provided in the form of HistoROM. The digital transmitters are developed, constructed and manufactured in compliance up to SIL 3/IEC 61508 (homogeneous redundancy)

System products

Indicator Portfolio

Loop powered indicators are powered via the current measuring loop. They improve the process overview, since measured values are indicated where they are needed. Process indicators with control unit combine several functionalities in one device like an active barrier, transmitter and relay. Fieldbus indicators display the values that are communicated by PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices.

Power Supply

For safe isolation of 4–20 mA standard signal loops, with international approvals (ATEX, FM, CSA, SIL).

Overvoltage Protection

For limitation of excess voltage in signal and supply lines in Ex and non-Ex versions, as a module or module carrier or screw-in direct.

Data Logger

Measured data collector Minilog B with analog and digital input for acquisition and storage of analog and digital values, measurement of store room and transport temperatures, recording of operating times, unit number and quantity recording. The robust IP65 housing is suitable for field use.

Advanced Data Manager

The Memograph M is perfectly suitable to memorize, visualize, analyze and communicate process values. The innovative device is impressive because of its high functionality, modular construction and its intuitive operator concept. As a stand-alone system or as an efficient system component, Memograph M is the ideal solution for every task. Common fieldbuses (MODBUS, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP) for fast integration into different systems are supported. Special application packages are available: mathematics package, tele alarm, batch, wastewater and storm overflow and energy software.

WirelessHART Adaptor & Gateway

Endress+Hauser’s WirelessHART Adapter and Gateway are suitable for applications, such as: inventory monitoring or energy monitoring tasks, collection of process information from rotating or mobile installations and applications with environmental limitations to cabling, e.g. electromagnetic fields or limited accessibility.

Process Transmitter + Control unit

With quick setup and simple on-site operation via three keys, LC display for limit values as well as bargraph and pluggable screw terminals.


Gateways with Ethernet interface to HART over PROFIBUS and to PROFIBUS signals allow plant access to device parameters. Applications include monitoring, device diagnostics and Plant Asset Management.

Universal Data Manager

Ecograph T is a stateof-the-art solution to multi channel displaying, recording, monitoring and communication needs. The unit is easy to use and comes with a host of convincing features to save costs and simplify data acquisition. It offers an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Manipulation-proof archiving of measured values with 100% recall/retrace function.

Head transmitters

Design according to DIN EN 50446.

DIN Rail Transmitters

For 35 mm mounting rails ensuring safe, process-near transmission of the sensor signal.


For measurements at high temperatures even under the most difficult conditions.

Temperature Control

Field Transmitters

With on-site display (optional) for optimum safety and reliability requirements.

Resistance Thermometers

Modular or compact design for hygienic, industrial or heavy duty applications.

Temperature Switches

For monitoring, display and regulation of process temperatures. Available with various process connections (standard and hygienic). The sensors can be used in measuring ranges from –50 to +200 °C.

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