Solar Power Solutions

Prolec design and manufacture off grid turn key solar systems that are configured for a wide range of electrical load sizes in either 12 or 24 volts DC.

Packages can be supplied from 5W up to 50W systems with larger packages available upon request.

The operational battery time is selectable to provide either a 3 day, 4 day, or 5 day autonomous supply.

A variety of different solar regulators are incorporated into the design to cater to your supply requirements

This total system solution is housed in an appropriately IP rated and sized enclosure.

Solar packages can be combined with a wind turbine for added power generation when inclement weather strikes for extended periods.

The Prolec Solar Systems come in 3 package configurations – Superior, Premium and Standard.


Standard Solar Package

Jinko Solar Panels

Predator Batteries

Morningstar Regulator enclosed
in Mild Steel Prolec Enclosure

 Superior Solar Package

Trina Solar Panels

SunXtender Batteries

Plasmatronics Regular enclosed
in Stainless Steel Prolec Enclosure

 Premium Solar Package

Suntech Solar Panels
FullRiver Batteries
Schneider Regulator enclosed
in Mild Steel Prolec Enclosure

All packages are able to be designed, manufactured and installed as a
Pole Mounted System, Ground Mounted Frame, Skid Mounted System or Trailer Mounted System.

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