Conveyor Emergency Stop Lanyard Label

As a requirement of AS/NZS4024.3610:2015, all conveyor lanyard pullwire cables should be labeled every 30 meters indicating that the lanyard can be used as an emergency stop.

Prolec have designed a purpose made emergency stop conveyor lanyard label that complies with the relevant Australian standards.

Prolec’s Emergency Stop Lanyard Label gives you a solution to this requirement by offering a heavy duty, weather proof, fabric vinyl, emergency stop pull label. The label is 200mm long, 50mm wide produced from class 1 reflective red and white vinyl as per common practice for emergency stop labeling.

The emergency stop lanyard label comprises of 4x nickel eyelets which can be attached to the lanyard in various orientations using cable ties or tie wire.

Prolec’s Emergency Stop Lanyard Label allows clear vision from various angles including when looking down the line of the conveyor.

Prolec also supply a class 2 reflective vinyl sticker adhered to Vipet (plastic), aluminium or Galvanised sheet, this sign attaches to the conveyor lanyard via a stainless steel wire rope grip. These are industrial alternatives to conventional methods back to back sticker type arrangements that do not stand up to dusty environment long term.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Part #

CESTOP-20050         200x50mm Class 1 Reflective Fabric Conveyor E/Stop Lanyard Label

CESTOP-150100V     150x100mm Class 2 Reflective Vipet Conveyor E/Stop Lanyard Label

CESTOP-150100A     150x100mm Class 2 Reflective Aluminium Conveyor E/Stop Lanyard Label

CESTOP-150100G     150x100mm Class 2 Reflective Galvanised Conveyor E/Stop Lanyard Label

Download Product Flyer Here (259Kb)