Heavy Duty Battery Isolators

Prolec Enclosures manufacture a range of Heavy Duty Battery Isolation Enclosures. We have 2 standard products in this range, a single switch isolator and a dual switch isolator. All standard battery isolation enclosures are fitted ‘Bosch’ 250A double pole master switch and pad-lockable lockout isolators.

We fabricate custom heavy duty battery isolation enclosures for many different applications including pump skids, bull dozer’s, haul trucks, drilling rigs and many other heavy industrial vehicles, we are also happy to accommodate any custom requirements upon request. All battery isolator enclosures are fitted with heavy duty industrial gaskets to prevent un-wanted water and dirt ingress. The enclosures are designed to meet IP65 specifications. Enclosures are also fitted with stainless steel padlock-able over center latches.

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Standard Battery Isolators

Enclosure Size(HxWxD)         Material          Order Code

300 x 300 x 300                         304 SS            BISO303030

450 x 300 x 300                          304 SS           BISO453030

Level 1 Visual

Break Isolator

isolator front sml

Custom Solutions

Custom Swing