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3M Diamond Grade Fluorescent LDP Reflective Tape – Yellow

3M Diamond Grade Fluorescent LDP Reflective Tapes are edge sealed, durable prismatic lens reflective sheeting. This product is designed to be used for vehicle markings for greatly improved conspicuity. They will provide higher night-time brightness than glass bead based retro-reflective sheetings and higher daytime brightness than ordinary (non-fluorescent) coloured sheeting. Suitable for rigid-sided vehicles, objects, machinery and equipment. Conforms to ECE 104 requirements.

• 24 hr visual performance – maximum brightness
• Pre-sealed edges – stops water and dirt from penetrating adhesive
• Highly durable prismatic lens reflective sheeting
Suitable Applications:

• Rigid sided vehicles, machinery, equipment
• Vehicle, equipment or object marking
• Stationary or moving objects
• Mining, industrial, construction, airports, maritime, ports, and residential applications


Length : 33cm
Breath : 22cm

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